the film   ( 2017 )

In 2017, a film adaptation of Stephen King's novel "Gerald's Game" was released, starring Carla Cugino, Bruce Greenwood, Chiara Aurelia, Carel Struycken and Henry Thomas. The film depicts the emotional and mental trials a trapped woman endures and escapes.

A film adaptation of Gerald's Game would be difficult to accomplish to say the least, as much of the book's events take place within one character's mind. However, the 2017 adaptation successfully conveys the panic, fear, and mental agony Jessie endures.

Throughout the film, Jessie deals with her entrapment, not only the physical but the mental, going all the way back to a horrific event as a young girl. Jessie gains strength when she faces that pain and draws upon that and her desire to be free to survive the present ordeal.

The Cast:
Carla Gugino ... Jessie Burlingame
Bruce Greenwood ... Gerald Burlingame
Chiara Aurelia ... Young Jessie
Carel Struycken ... Moonlight Man
Henry Thomas ... Tom
Kate Siegel ... Sally