T V   M I N I S E R I E S   ( 1 9 9 0 )

In 1990 a miniseries adaptation of Stephen King's "It" aired on television. It aired in two parts; one part following The Losers Club as children and one part as adults.

The Losers Club:
Bill Denbrough
Richie Tozier
Eddie Kaspbrak
Stanley Uris
Mike Hanlon
Ben Hanscom
Beverly Marsh

As you can imagine, airing an adaptation of a Stephen King novel in 1990 couldn't have fully shown the horrors of the story, and with the current film out, it pales a bit, but at the time, it was pretty intense.

In any case, you almost always need a miniseries to fully tell a Stephen King story in a somewhat proper fashion. Although many will always argue that an adaptation wasn't as good as the book, or true to the book, you must take into account that in order to adapt a book into film, some creative angles must be utilized and the story itself must be expanded in some way.

This miniseries adaptation captured the friendship between the kids and their loyalty into adulthood, as well as the fear of Pennywise. This was a great telling of the classic horror story by King.

The Cast:
Harry Anderson ... Richie Tozier
Dennis Christopher ... Eddie Kaspbrak
Richard Masur ... Stanley Uris
Annette O'Toole ... Beverly Marsh
Tim Reid ... Mike Hanlon
Jonathan Brandis ... Bill Denbrough (Age 12)
Brandon Crane ... Ben Hanscom (Age 12)
John Ritter ... Ben Hanscom
Richard Thomas ... Bill Denbrough
Adam Faraizl ... Eddie Kaspbrak (Age 12)
Tim Curry ... Pennywise
Emily Perkins ... Beverly Marsh (Age 12)
Marlon Taylor ... Mike Hanlon (Age 12)
Seth Green ... Richie Tozier (Age 12)
Ben Heller ... Stanley Uris (Age 12)
Sheila Moore ... Mrs. Kaspbrak
Jarred Blancard ... Henry Bowers (Age 14)
Chris Eastman ... Belch
Tony Dakota ... Georgie Denbrough
Olivia Hussey ... Audra Denbrough