Four Past Midnight   by Stephen King

"Four Past Midnight" is a collection of four novellas written by Stephen King, published in 1990. The stories explore different places, people, and extraordinary and horrific events.

"Writing, it seems to me, is a secret act—as secret as dreaming—and that was one aspect of this strange and dangerous craft I had never thought about much."
Stephen King ~ Four Past Midnight

The first novella, "The Library Policeman", takes being overdue on your library books to another hellish final level. The second novella, "Secret Window, Secret Garden", explores the madness one man suffers after his wife's betrayal and what he does to keep her close. The third novella, "The Sun Dog", shows a boy's camera is more than what it appears. The fourth novella, "The Langoliers", sends an airline flight far off course and shows the monstrous true nature of some when faced with horrific situations.