the film   ( 1993 )

In 1993, a film adaptation of Stephen King's novel "Needful Things" was released, starring Max von Sydow, Ed Harris, Bonnie Bedelia, Amanda Plummer and J.T. Walsh.

In the film we see all of Castle Rock come to life and how much wanting what our heart desires can change a person's soul. And also, what we are willing to do to get our desires...

The Cast:
Max von Sydow ... Leland Gaunt
Ed Harris ... Sheriff Alan Pangborn
Bonnie Bedelia ... Polly Chalmers
Amanda Plummer ... Nettie Cobb
J.T. Walsh ... Danforth Keeton III
Ray McKinnon ... Deputy Norris Ridgewick
Duncan Fraser ... Hugh Priest
Valri Bromfield ... Wilma Jerzyck
Shane Meier ... Brian Rusk
William Morgan Sheppard ... Father Meehan
Don S. Davis ... Reverend Rose
Campbell Lane ... Frank Jewett