A B O U T   P E N N Y W I S E

Pennywise is a character from the novel It written by Stephen King, the television series adaptation released in 1990, and the film adaptations It and It Chapter Two, released in 2017 and 2019, portrayed by Tim Curry and Bill Skarsgard.

Pennywise is a powerful evil force in the small town of Derry where it takes countless lives using their own fears. Pennywise meets his match in The Losers Club, a group of close friends who defeat him, once as children and once 27 years later as adults (final). But before they do, he reveals their own deepest fears and secrets to each of them and to each other.

Pennywise appears as anyone's fear, but appears commonly as a clown, being able to appeal to children easily. He takes many forms and is strikes deep terror in all who face him. He is a formidable force but is only defeated because The Losers Club stood together and used their combined bond to beat him forever.