A B O U T   S T A N L E Y

Stanley Uris is a character from the novel It written by Stephen King, the television series adaptation released in 1990, and the film adaptations It and It Chapter Two, released in 2017 and 2019, portrayed by Wyatt Oleff, Ben Heller, Richard Masur, and Andy Bean.

Stanley and his group of friends are known to themselves as The Losers Club and they take pride in it, because they have each other. The close friendship he and his six friends share is so strong it is able to defeat a powerful evil force and save their town of Derry and countless lives as well.

Stan and his friends share their experiences of something horrific they at first keep to themselves, but soon learn they've all seen IT. This horrific entity known as Pennywise the Dancing Clown reveals himself as any fear a person may have and strikes terror in all who see him.

Stan grows up to lead a life in fear, not the overwhelming looming darkness of his childhood, as he cannot clearly remember that, but a trickle down his spine like a run of goosebumps. And when he receives the phone call from an old friend, reminding him of a promise made long ago, he does the only thing he can do for his friends... he removes himself from the board...